Open Source Geo Consulting

We offer expert consulting and services in all topics around GIS:

  • GIS project management
  • Consulting WEB GIS
  • GIS Seminar
  • workshops
  • geo-spatial development
  • geo-data management
  • desktop gis training with quantum gis  aka   qgis
  • web map training
  • openstreetmap import, export, clean and deploy your own POI database

You can book a workshop, seminar or training simply by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Geospatial Software

We power all of our products and web applications with open source software.  What software?

  • Geonode a geospatial content management system to manage your geo data and share it.
  • QGIS a desktop GIS for Window, iOS, Linux
  • PostGIS a Postgresql spatial extension to store geodata
  • Spatialite a sqlite extension to store geodata
  • Geoserver an OGC compliant server
  • Geowebcache an Tile cache server integerated with Geoserver
  • OpenLayers a javascript library for slippy maps

Open Source Software to power our applications

We build our projects on top of these great projects and support them with new developments, write documentation and more.  It is all community driven with well tested software and a large network of developers world wide.

If interested to get started using any of these technologies for your project please contact us to help you get started.  The first hour to discuss your idea is free and you can pick our minds to get a better idea of how your project will look like.

Costs ? We sell our time, not software so you save licensing costs and vendor lockin. please contact us


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