Hospital Wayfinding


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Hospital wayfinding is a simple web and mobile  application to help people find there way to any location at the hospital. 
People don't want to be late for appointments and are easily lost in new environments.

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     Better experience for patients and visitors

     People will be on time for visits

     Easily communicate how to get somewhere


Why indoor maps?

  • Simply save people time.  No more getting lost, reduce frustration.
  • Easy to share location.  Where is our meeting at 13:00, click here.
  • Show the way. How do I get to the meeting at 13:00?  Show them an indoor route from the entrace to the room.

People are easily lost in large indoor environments, make it easy for them to find their way anywhere indoors.  Hospitals and medical clinics are looking to kiosks to allow patients to perform routine activities.(wikipedia)

What does it cost?

  1. One time fee for the creation of the indoor maps (cost based on number of buildings, floors and rooms)
  2. Implementation fee (installation, customization of corporate identity design for example)
  • Option: Annual Subscription Fee: Application hosting in the cloud (costs based on requests)
  • Option: Local Installation on your own servers (one time cost for setup, installation)
  • Option: Simple Support and Maintenance (8 Hr Pack, in 15min units,  you decide)

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