Maps for indoors is "indrz".  Campus GIS has moved into a new product called   Indrz has separated out the industry needs into indrz "CAMPUS", "BOOKWAY", "HOSPITAL" and "BUSINESS".  Each industry has specific needs and indrz is here to meet those needs.

We make indoor maps for you! Publish it to you so you can focus on your apps other functions.  We even provide example code for iOS and Android if requested on how to integrate.  We save you weeks of learning GIS, map creation and projections.  Indrz will provide you your maps within 1 week of you sending us your pdf, jpg map outline.

Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send us your map pdf, jpg whatever you have.  We convert it, publish it JUST for you.  All you do is integrate into your app with our help if needed. Simple easy, don't worry about making maps that is our job, focus on your business ours is indoor map making.

indrz-campus  now online !



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Hospital Wayfinding


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Hospital wayfinding is a simple web and mobile  application to help people find there way to any location at the hospital. 
People don't want to be late for appointments and are easily lost in new environments.

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     Better experience for patients and visitors

     People will be on time for visits

     Easily communicate how to get somewhere

It works like this:

  1. We find an Orthophoto of your course.
  2. We trace all the basic featuers: green, fairways, bunkers, etc. into our database
  3. generate economic reports
  4. create a master plan map
  5. Send you your Reports


Klagenfurt, Austria
Lakeside B01


Tel: +43(0) 676 520 3600
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Skype: callto://mdiener21