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Turning your indoor building plans into live maps is the path from PDF or jpeg or some other image format or AutoCAD (dwg, dxf) to spatial database then connect to your data such as room information.

  1. get written approval to use your maps and data
  2. you provide us your data, images, acad, dxf, dwg
  3. convert that data into a spatial database
  4. create design your indoor maps
  5. create indoor routing network
  6. connect to your data such as room information through our API
  7. test, test, test that all works as it should
  8. go live

What you have to do:

  1. provide us legal approval to use your maps and digital data so they can be pubished on the web
  2. provide us the input maps such as pdf plans our autocad plans, whatever you have
  3. connect your internal system through our API to include your data on the map if you want of course (to connect your data to the map)

Keywords: indoor routing, campus, wayfinding, map, navi, navigation, orientation, wayfinder, indoor maps, floor plan,

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