Indoor Wafinding, Maps and Routing

2014-07-04 13 03 15-Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt - Campus-GIS-perspectiv


indrz (indoors) campus formerly Campus GIS is web and mobile maps to help you locate and find anything on campus. 

Download indrz campus gis broschure


Find your way from lecture hall to lecture hall using state of the art navigation using turn by turn indoor routing. We build the indoor maps, including a custom campus gis api for your development team to create and place the routing system where ever when ever.

 Mobile users can of course access mobile maps and data through the campus gis api. It is super easy to get started Contact us


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Why indoor maps?

  • Simply save people time.  No more getting lost, reduce frustration.
  • Easy to share location.  Where is our meeting at 13:00, click here.
  • Show the way. How do I get to the meeting at 13:00?  Show them an indoor route from the entrace to the room.

People are easily lost in large indoor environments, make it easy for them to find their way anywhere indoors.

What does it cost?

  1. One time fee for the creation of the indoor maps (cost based on number of buildings, floors and rooms)
  2. Implementation fee (installation, customization of corporate identity design for example)
  • Option: Annual Subscription Fee: Application hosting in the cloud (costs based on requests)
  • Option: Local Installation on your own servers (one time cost for setup, installation)
  • Option: Simple Support and Maintenance (8 Hr Pack, in 15min units, or more or less you decide)

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  • Routing for pedestrians, wheelchair
  • Indoor and outdoor routing paths:speed, distance, difficulty, time to destination
  • Network connected real routes, real distances
  • Wayfinding links to rooms or any location
  • Barrier free routes for disabilities, wheelchair friendly routes

Advanced Search and Find

  • Room search
  • People search
  • Organisation or departments
  • Buildings
  • Points of Interest


  • Indoor floor plans with high detail
  • Overview maps for easy orientation
  • Google Earth 3D View
  • Map navigation and interactions
  • Route animations
  • Multiple layers of information
  • Custom maps


  • Integrated print function

Online presentation:

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Library Wayfinding Gallery

  • campus gis library primo integration
  • campus gis library shelf route to exact location
  • campus gis library shelf detail  rvk labels
  • campus gis library pc-learning-space
  • Primo integration map link
  • Direct route to exact shelf location
  • Library shelf labels
  • Library pc stations for students


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