Welcome to your source for open source geospatial expertise.  Here you will find information about our projects  "indrz"  indoor wayfinding  and  "golfgis"  a golf course management application with maps not spreadsheets.  We also offer expert services in geospatial consulting and geospatial web application development.

indrz - indoor maps, orientation, routing, wayfinding


 indrz is indoor maps, routing  and search services for your building infrastructure.  We  are specialized in universities and libraries but of course you could use it for any complex building structure. such as business parks, hospitals, airports or shopping centers. 

What questions does indrz answer?

  • Where is the nearest PC, study area, library or coffee shop?
  • How do I get to lecture hall A or get to professor Smith?
  • Show me the shortest way to Professor Maier.
  • Where is the nearest metro station?  or show me the route

It integrates seamlessly into your campus IT, hosted locally or remote in the cloud. Read More  or  Download Brochure

Are you a developer or administrator ? You need indoor maps and routing for your app or webpage?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send us your map pdf, jpg whatever you have.  We convert it, publish it JUST for you.  All you do is integrate into your app with our help if needed. Simple easy, don't worry about making maps that is our job, focus on your business ours is indoor map making.

GolfGIS manage your golf course with maps not spreadsheets

Golfgis is a software based on a current map of your golf course.  We map it with the newest images and extract m2 and many other valuable data sets to help better manage your course and make better decisions.

golfgis homepage banner

GOLFGIS is a place to store, create and exchange maps of your golf course.  These maps help make management decisions easy.  The data can be used for your anual reports or economic reports, helping better manage your golf course.  Read More or Visit our site at www.golfgis.com



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